The project team have started working on the application

We have diagnosed the needs of our school community, scrutinized our weak and strong points, considered some chances and threats. Subsequently such an analysis has determined the direction we will continue within the Erasmus+ programme.

Also, we have decided on the title and objectives of our project. 

Hours spent on the application are now followed  by collecting suitable documents, sending countless emails, having numerous telephone conversations while consulting different things.

We feel quite fatigued and uncertain whether everything has been dealt with properly and whether we are able to meet all those deadlines...

Projekt "Muzyczny klucz do Europy" jest realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Komisji Europejskiej.

Treść strony internetowej odzwierciedla jedynie stanowisko jej autorów
i Komisja Europejska oraz Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus+
nie ponoszą odpowiedzialności za jej zawartość merytoryczną.