Participation in the project  involves strenuous preparation  and collecting  numerous documents. It is a painstaking process considering the fact there have been few artistic schools applying for Erasmus +, so there is still a lot to be done to clarify the procedures.

In order to face up to all the formalities, we have been writing emails and application forms, as well as carrying on endless telephone conversations. Sometimes  it is essential to visit different departments in Warsaw in person to see that our case is being  dealt with properly.

In spite of all the complexities of the project’s formal requirements, so far we have experienced truly professional and kind approach of the clerks.

Projekt "Muzyczny klucz do Europy" jest realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Komisji Europejskiej.

Treść strony internetowej odzwierciedla jedynie stanowisko jej autorów
i Komisja Europejska oraz Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus+
nie ponoszą odpowiedzialności za jej zawartość merytoryczną.