When I was choising the course I thought about the most interesting subject but when I am looking through the window I am also happy because of the sunny weather on Malta. One of the guide book tells that visiting archipelags of Malta would be an ideal choice in October. 

Participation in the project  involves strenuous preparation  and collecting  numerous documents. It is a painstaking process considering the fact there have been few artistic schools applying for Erasmus +, so there is still a lot to be done to clarify the procedures.


The time of preparation for the project and writing the application means working long hours.


In line with the objectives of our project, we have started revising and “refreshing” our  English.

Realisation of the project involves regular working meetings of its members.

Our project „ Musical key to Europe” has been officially  qualified to the programme Erasmus+.

On February, 2nd our application for the programme Erasmus+ was submitted in the National Agency.

The project team have started working on the application

We have diagnosed the needs of our school community, scrutinized our weak and strong points, considered some chances and threats. Subsequently such an analysis has determined the direction we will continue within the Erasmus+ programme.

Projekt "Muzyczny klucz do Europy" jest realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Komisji Europejskiej.

Treść strony internetowej odzwierciedla jedynie stanowisko jej autorów
i Komisja Europejska oraz Narodowa Agencja Programu Erasmus+
nie ponoszą odpowiedzialności za jej zawartość merytoryczną.