The Project “Musical Key to Europe” realized between 1.06.2017 – 31.08.2018 is focused on international educational mobilities in which 7 teachers of Henryk Wieniawski Primary and Secondary School of Music will take part.

Its participants represent various fields of the school activity: early and higher primary education, junior high and secondary school. Moreover, the group comprises of the leaders of innovation and technological development. Such a spectrum of participants is bound to guarantee a holistic perspective, proper planning and realisation of the project to address the school’s diagnosed needs.

Two members of the project will participate in linguistic-methodology courses to get acquainted with a variety of modern didactic methods, new standards of teaching, innovative techniques of motivating and activating students. They will master their knowledge how to use IC technology and CLIL in class.

Five teachers will participate in language courses focused on advancing and practising the skill of effective communication in English in terms of listening, writing, reading and fluent speaking. A foreign-language environment will definitely facilitate that process forcing them to interact in English. The range of chosen courses perfectly fits in the realisation of the project objectives. Special attention has been paid to choose various localisation of the courses to provide the participants with a variety of teaching methods, knowledge of historical and cultural background as well as to facilitate contacting foreign teachers.

In order to avoid any inconveniences that the absence of teachers might cause, the mobilities will be spread over time ( July-October 2017).

Before the mobilities begin, their participants will undertake preparatory actions such as methodological self-reflection, linguistic training and cultural preparation –organized individually or commonly with all the participants. This will enhance the teachers’ effectiveness of knowledge assimilation during the course. A career self-reflection will help the participants to plan the development of their competences. The project permanence and its long-term effect will be determined by dissemination activities- a series of open lessons, lectures and workshops during which the project participants will share their newly acquired knowledge and experience promoting the idea of a lifelong learning.

The ensuing creation of a website, a blog and a Facebook group will be a helpful tool for other teachers, students and parents as the project’s beneficiaries.

Realisation of the project will improve didactic and linguistic competences of the teachers which will boost the level of teaching becoming an example of a beneficial effect of lifelong learning. Establishing contacts with foreign teachers will trigger international cooperation with other schools.

This will address the school’s development needs diagnosed in SWOT analysis:

  • improving the level of teaching competences,

  • enhancing the language skills of teachers,

  • promoting the idea of lifelong learning among teachers and students,

  • strengthening the competitive position of school,

  • promoting attitudes of openness and tolerance.


Projekt "Muzyczny klucz do Europy" jest realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Komisji Europejskiej.

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